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How To Pour a Proper Beer

Does it really matter how you pour the beer? Yes, duh. The pour affects the head of the beer which is really, in our opinion, the most important part. Why, you may ask? The head is important because it is the embodiment of the beer’s flavor and aroma. When properly poured, you’ll get the full flavor and aromas that the brewer intended. And that my friends, will make your beer taste even that much better.

So here’s how you pour a beer, properly:

1. Hold the glass at 45 degrees

2. Pour the beer at the midpoint of the glass. What we mean by that is pour the beer into the center of the glass versus holding the bottle or tap up against the sides. This allows for the full strength flow which helps to create the head.

3. Bring your glass to the upright position once it reaches the halfway point

4. Finish pouring with 1/2 inch to 1 & 1/2 inch head


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